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Responsive Clothing

With so many technical advancements in the radar in the fashion world, it’s hard to say from which direction the next technology is likely to come. Amidst all these innovations, the talk of the town is responsive clothing. These are like a highly sensitive bio-feedback instruments which give the response to the person who wears them with one exception, these are clothes.

Like Ying GAO, who created an entire fashion collection of interactive clothing which responses to their environment. Her designs were displayed at the Musée National des Beaux-arts du Québec. The intelligent couture displayed were a frock that puffed in and out when a visitor breathes in a nearby microscope. Two other dresses called Playtime blurred and shimmered respectively in response to the flashy cameras.

Image Courtesy: Responsive clothing by Ying GAO

Image Courtesy: Intelligent Couture

Image Courtesy: Ying Gao’s Collection

Also ‘Technosensual: Where Fashion Meets Technology’, an event which displayed some of very technologically heavy electronics by curator and fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht. One of his dresses uses sensors to change from opaque to transparent to increase the intimacy between the wearer and the persons around him.

Image Courtesy: Technosensual

Image courtesy: Awesome Innovations at the Technosensual

Image Courtesy: Wow! Designs

Daan Roosegaarde also created a similar dress that he named Intimacy 2.0. This dress is triggered by heart rate sensors and proximity. It transforms from opaque to transparent and vice-versa when the wearer gets hot and bothered.

Another example of mind-blowing innovation is Video Coat. Created by Dave Forbes to wear it during the Burning Man, an annual art event, but it nevertheless rose to fame. Essentially it’s a giant wearable LED television which works when plugged into an iPod or a DVD payer. It needs a 12V batter to power and is a marvelous example of creating spectacle on stage.

Image Courtesy: Wearable T.V

How do you like these new technical clothes?

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