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Range Planning: From Inspiration To Product For A Women’s Clothing Line

Planning well is a job half done, the saying goes. For most professions needing creativity, it is hard to pin down a process. We don’t often know whether the inspiration comes first or the process. However, having a linear process in place is useful for those occasions when the time is short and it is imperative that you get results in a short period.

Under such circumstances, a process keeps you from losing track and helps you come up with styles that can actually work in stores.

In today’s article, we talk about range planning from start to finish- from the mood board to the final sketches. We will take you through each step and give you tips on making that step work for you, for a women’s clothing line.

1. The Inspiration:

With a whole host of fashion weeks and their accompanying streetwear trends behind us, there is no shortage of inspiration to choose from. For this collection, our theme is Modern Fairytales. In the literal sense, this theme is all about making a strong, bold statement. Empowerment is the word, as stories like Moana and Brave have shown us in recent times. Moreover, tulle as a fabric is in vogue because it is so easy to pair with absolutely anything to create a look of your own.

Pinterest is a powerful tool for gathering all of your inspiration in one place. Create a separate board for each inspiration path that you want to follow, and start gathering material around it.

2. The Mood board:

We’re feeling whimsical, but we’re also looking at functionality. Textured earrings are just a reference point for things that are both practical and statement-making. For flowing fabrics with a hint of sheer, it is only right that we use as many pastels as possible. Flowy silhouettes and interesting detailing add to the magical feeling. The overall mood of this collection is telling a story that is aspirational and good to have. We all want to be a Disney Princess, even if it is just a little bit!

Use adjectives to describe the mood of your collection. Print them out in big, bold letters. Find reference images for the ideas you’re trying to express. You can read more about designing a moodboard here.

3. The Color board:

Pastels rule the collection, and we love all shades of nature, muted just a bit. Think clouds, the sky on a damp morning, powder pinks, blues, and yellows, off-white. These colors are just about there- not too jarring, not to mute. They have a subtle, graceful voice of their own, and boy do they get heard!

Make the most of the colors you want to incorporate-choose five- and adapt them into all of your ensembles.

4. The Print board:

What’s life without a few prints? Everyday ensembles are brought to life with a dash of prints. We’ve seen everything from doodles to emojis and retro themes find their place in the sun. For our Modern Fairytales collection, we’ve chosen stripes and checks. These linear elements help us add every day, friendly vibe to clothing and give us a chance to bring in some versatility into the collection. In fact, plain outfits are very often paired with printed ones, so you need to think carefully about what your prints represent.

Choose a print based on how it blends with your colors and ideas. For example, a floral theme for this collection would have made it too feminine, which is not what we’re looking for in everyday wear and functional designs. Likewise, you need to decide what these prints represent to you and your audience.

5. The Ensembles:

Now, if we’ve done our job well, we should have clothes! We’ve created three ensemble sketches basis our inspiration, and we feel like these designs would be run(a)way hits.

Ensemble 1 :

In the first ensemble, the focus is on creating volume at the bottom and balancing it out at the top. The pastels stand out better because of darker shades, and the ruffles make this outfit perfect for Friday workwear, lunches, evening meet-ups and even for traveling long distances.

Ensemble 2 :

The second one is a personal favorite because an asymmetric hemline is not for the faint of heart. Add peplum to the mix, and we’re taking it one notch higher. We’re thinking of a warrior-princess who conquers the world with her attitude, and of course with her clothing.

Ensemble 3 :

The third and last image is power dressing in all its essence- stylish, comfortable and full of utility. Culottes are in- in fact, we don’t know why they took so long to take off in the first place! A culottes jumpsuit with frills is the perfect urban dream. A hoodie adds to its streetwear appeal and is very, very suggestive of Red Riding Hood. For us, this is Once Upon A Time with a generous helping of happily ever after.

Which design inspiration are you going with for your women’s wear collection?

Need a hand? Book a 30 mins free session for an in-depth consultation and help with range planning.

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