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Amp Up Your 2022 Design Efforts With An Extended Virtual Design Team

It perhaps comes as no surprise to you that most creative efforts begin well before they actually come into existence. Design houses and fashion labels the world over are already gearing up and designing their Spring-Summer 2023 collections.

Years before trend reports make it to the pages of reputed publications, councils decide the colors and trends that would dominate the fashion scene. Yarn manufacturers exchange swatches with design houses and perfect the color compositions. And all of this happens behind the scenes, so much so that only professionals in the domain know where to look for this information much before it becomes public.

Fashion is a very traditional industry. Trends and forecasts are made well in advance. Even before the Pantone colors for the year come out, WGSN predicts, often accurately, the colors that will take over the world in the coming year.

In a world that thrives on creativity but also encourages compliance with what is expected of a fashion label, it is not always possible to have an in-house team that outperforms itself every single year. For one, hiring and retaining such a team would be expensive.

This is where an extended virtual design team comes into play. With the advent of social media, no one wants to be seen in the same clothes twice. Enter- fast fashion and labels changing their collections multiple times each season, you need to amp up your game with an experienced team of professionals who understand your fashion brand’s DNA and work diligently to ensure your designs are ready in time.

This is how a virtual design team can help you:

  1. A virtual design team is cost-effective. Since they spend a quantum of time with each client, they can give you commitments based on what you wish to pay.

  2. Hiring a Creative Director with enough experience to guide the junior designers can be expensive and add to your product costs. However, if you were to hire a virtual team, they can also help guide your junior designers, and you get the job done for much lesser.

  3. Today, quite a few founders of fashion labels don’t necessarily come from a background in fashion. A virtual team that is well versed in the business and executive aspects of fashion can help turn your passion for the art into a viable business model.

  4. Just like automation in technology that helps reduce costs to a great extent, hiring an extended virtual design team enables you to outsource critical aspects of your business for same, or better, results.

  5. Start-up labels may not fully utilize In-house designers. For example, once the design process for one or two cycles is complete, the resources you have hired full time may not have much to do until further predictions come in. With a virtual design team, you only pay on a per-engagement basis.

  6. Attrition is an unfortunate reality of most industries, fashion included. Every time you hire someone new, there is a gap period in which they need to adapt to your label’s DNA. The more designer changes you go through, the more your brand’s DNA gets diluted. However, when you bring an experienced team on board and address design as the core of your label, you have a chance to be consistent with designs.

  7. In most cases, a start-up founder’s plate is full with many business aspects to manage. In such situations, it may not always be possible for a founder to be involved with the small details that make or break a design. Hiring an extended virtual team gives you the advantage of having a skilled designer by your side who can micromanage on your behalf.

A freelance designer can also provide all of these benefits. However, as an extension of your team, a virtual design outfit also understands costing and Minimum Order Quantities to help you bring down production costs and optimize sales.

In other words, a virtual design studio helps you fine-tune your design process, execute your designs and take them to the production stage; all while you focus on other aspects of building your business. Before you know it, fashion labels will be designing and producing clothing for Spring-Summer 2023. Join their ranks and do design right- get in touch with us today for more information.

Fuel4Fashion is a design, branding and technology consultancy for the fashion and apparel industry. We provide consulting and advisory services across design, business and IT processes to early stage and mid-sized apparel manufacturers and brands looking to grow their business with the help of smart sustainable management practices. Visit our website here and follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn for regular updates.

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