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Interested in joining the Fuel4Fashion's Designer Team?

Are you a fashion designer / illustrator / textile designer 

a) With a ton of talent
b) Looking for the right opportunity
c) Wishing you could create a new fashion trend
d) Looking for a start to your career or to add to your experience?
e) In search of challenging unique projects 

If your answer to more than one of the above is a resounding “YES!” then Fuel4Fashion is the place for you. We work with new and growing fashion labels across the world, helping them shape their fashion DNA, through a pool of our talented designers. And since we’re forever working with new brands, we’re also in search of fresh talent that can help these brands carve a niche for themselves in the competitive world of fashion.

So, if you’d like to pick up the experience and the opportunity to work with a variety of fashion labels and get paid while having fun doing what you love, fill out the form given below. If your profile is found suitable we will get back to you.

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