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Business Consulting - Mentoring

Businesses, both new and existing, often find themselves lacking specific expertise when they venture into new products and businesses. Fashion is one such, with the amount of detail planning and execution required being far in excess of the apparent simplicity of the product. This is where experienced consultants and mentors can guide you through the complexity of design, sourcing, operations, digital and offline sales process management, marketing and e-commerce store management. With better knowledge, businesses can plan and execute better, improving ROI and their chances of success in a very competitive space.

Fashion Marketing for fashion brands includes market research, marketing strategy, retail management, content marketing
  • Planning and Setting Business Goals (From the point of view of finance, your effort, team, etc.)

  • Understanding Business Processes (What is critical, important, good-to-have and vanity)

  • Creating a Business Strategy (What would work best for you based on the internal resources and external conditions)

  • Market Dynamics and Competition Mapping (Preparing for the market, how to evaluate the situation and what your competition is doing)

  • Choosing the right Business Model (How do you want to grow, what will stay in-house and what can you outsource, etc)

Biz Consulting


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